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Graydancer's Ropecast

Interviews, opinion, and education about kink and BDSM as well as polyamory, adult sex education, consent culture, and more. 

Feb 21, 2008


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  Traeonna: Another order of business...regarding the word "sukebe" that I hear used on your podcast. I wanted to confirm something. I am unfamiliar with "sukebe" the way you spelled it on one podcast. I was wondering if perhaps it was actually "sukebei" (kana ï?ïï?ïï?ïï?ï) [ kanji åå or åï?ïå]. Or perhaps this is one of those Japanese words where they sometimes drop off a letter and it's actually either way. Do you happen to know? I thought I was up on my Japanese "perv" terms (hentai, tousakusha, bukkake, futanari, panchira, paizuri, ecchi), but apparently not. Anyhow, it's been bugging me, so I thought I should ask (as it's not something I feel comfortable asking my two Japanese gal pals).
GRUEs (Graydancer's Ropetastic Unconference Extravaganza) you post when these will be anywhere or are they all invite only?"
    â is the "GRUE in the Lou"

    â  Vocabulary words:

 Yarima & Yariman: "F**k-devil" and "Phallus-loving vulva"

    * "Sukebe" (pervert) From InstantExpert: "I practiced [Midori's] sukebe face all weekend. Wide eyes, tongues stuck out, boob grabbing hands. It was perhaps the funniest thing I'd ever seen."

    â Jack Elfrink: "Your two recent podcasts where you talking about very big rope (your trip to Mexico) and very small rope (the 5' interview with Midori) has me thinking that your listeners could help me with a special project I am working on.

In workshops that I give, people ask what length of rope they should use. I never give a fixed answer. If the partner you are tying is under five feet tall and 90 pounds soaking wet, you will need a different length of rope for them than if you are tying a big burly guy built like a linebacker.  The rope you use must be matched to the size of your primary play partner. This is why I answer with my 'double double double' rule.

Have whoever you will be tying stand with arms extended out to their side and measure from fingertip to fingertip. Double that length. This gives the basic short length good for tying wrists together or spread eagle to the bedposts. Double THAT length. This is the basic medium length good for rope bras, hogties, and general purpose work. Double THAT length. This is the basic long length good for rope corsets or full body harnesses.

Naturally this is not exact. Skinnier people will need slightly less than this and fatter people more. Japanese style bondage would need slightly more while 'damsel in distress' style would need significantly less. But it is a good general guideline that gets people into the right range and is extremely easy to remember and

What I am looking for is a kind of measured-to-the-body guideline that works for rope diameter as well. Diameter confuses people more than length. Is a 5/16 inch diameter rope more or less than a 3/8 inch? What is 4mm converted into imperial units? Bigger body types need thicker rope than smaller body types, but how much bigger or smaller.

What I would like is an easy to remember way of determining the
diameter of rope needed based on the size of the partner you are

Listeners can contact you and I will listen to their answers on the
show. Or they can email me directly at me(at)